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Cambodia Adventure

Why make this trip:

Visit the magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat.

Navigate the mangroves of Tonle Sap Lake and see its floating villages.

Go hiking among elephants.

Explore ethnic minority villages.

Relax on the idyllic beaches of Cambodia.

Discover the dark past of the Khmer Rouge.

Discover the cuisine of Cambodia.

Know the most rural Cambodia.

Feel the essence of a surprising country ..

Temples, History and Jungle + Sihanoukville 14 days

Day 1: Phnom Penh
Arrival in Phnom Penh. Transfer to your hotel.
Your adventure will begin in Phnom Penh, the capital of the country. They will experience in first person how the traditional life of this city merges with the new times, embracing the modern without losing the legacy of its ancestors.
Accommodation: Hotel Phnom Penh or similar

Day 2: Phnom Penh

In the morning you will visit the Royal Palace, a magnificent architectural complex that houses beautiful gardens and the rooms of the Kings of Cambodia. A short distance from the royal rooms, you can see how the famous Mekong River merges with another important river, the Tonle Sap. In addition, they will explore the recent past of the city and witness the cruelty of the Khmer Rouge, a military organization that ruled the country under a terrible dictatorship with a visit to the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. In the past, this building was a school, but the Khmer Rouge turned it into a jail, to torture and isolate hundreds of people opposed to the regime.

You can rest during your visit to the Russian Market, having lunch in one of its many food stalls and enjoying the authentic cuisine of the country.

Amidst the chaos that dominates the city, you will have a relaxing respite at the Wat Phnom temple. This temple, dating from the 14th century, is located on the top of a hill. It is famous for its inhabitants: friendly monkeys that roam freely.

Accommodation: Hotel Phnom Penh or similar

Day 3: Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri)
Today you will have the morning free in Phnom Phen. Around 12:00 pm they will head to Mondulkiri.
They will arrive at Mondulkiri late at night. They will move you to your accommodation.

Accommodation: Greenhouse Retreat or similar

Day 4: Mondulkiri
Today you will live a great adventure, you will spend all day doing a guided tour of the mountain and rivers of Mondulkiri. This part of the country is covered with tropical forests, large plantations and inhabited by diverse ethnic minorities. It houses some of the largest natural reserves in western Asia. They will have the opportunity to hike with elephants, feed them and bathe with them in the river. In Solo Camboya, we are a certified animal friend. We like to respect animal life to the fullest, that is why we only collaborate with companies that take care of them and do not profit economically from them.

Accommodation: Greenhouse Retreat or similar

Day 7: Siem Reap (Angkor)
Siem Reap, former capital of the Khmer Empire. Here, you will find the world famous Angkor temples, the undisputed symbol of the country. They will contemplate in all their splendor the legacy of the vanished Khmer Empire, which ruled much of Southeast Asia between the ninth and thirteenth centuries. This city, plundered by the Siamese, was abandoned to its fate. Over the centuries, nature reclaimed its territory and the jungle completely absorbed the place. It remained hidden until the year 1860, period in which the French turned the country into a French Protectorate.

Today you will visit some of the most important temples, such as Angkhor Thom, Bayon, Baphuon, Phimeanakas and the Terrace of the Elephants. In the afternoon you will visit the temple of Angkor Wat and Pre Rup from where you will watch the sunset.

They will have the night off to stroll through one of the night markets of the city, walk the lively street of Pub Street or relax in the hotel pool.

Day 8: Siem Reap
In the morning you will head to Tonle Sap Lake, the largest freshwater surface in Southeast Asia. You will visit the floating village Kampong Phluk, sail among their houses (stilt houses), built on wooden pillars anchored in the very bottom of the lake. They will sail its waters until you reach one of its spectacular mangroves, called the flooded forest where you can sail on small boats.

On the way back to Siem Reap, you will visit the temples of Roluos and Temples of Bakong, dedicated to the god Shiva, as well as the honor of being the first mountain temple built in Angkor.


Day 9: Siem Reap - Sihanoukville (flight)
Today they will have the day off until the time of transfer to the airport to fly to Sihanoukville. If you have time you can take advantage of doing a bicycle route through the rural area of ​​Siem Reap.
They will be waiting for you at the Sihanoukville airport to transfer you to your hotel.

Accommodation: Mary Beach Hotel & Resort or similar

Days 10 - 12: Sihanoukville
These three days will be free to relax on the wonderful beaches of Sihanoukville, snorkel, water activities, walk around the village, relax in the pool of your hotel, etc ...

If you wish we can organize some activities for these three days.

They also have the possibility to spend a night or two in the neighboring island of Koh Rong, they say it has some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia, and it is one of the best places for diving.

Accommodation: Mary Beach Hotel & Resort or similar

Day 13: Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh

After lunch they will head to Phnom Penh, where they will arrive at night.
Accommodation: Hotel Phnom Penh or similar

Day 14: Phnom Penh, transfer to the airport.

Today they will have the day off until the time